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I've enjoyed my Canon G3 but am thinking of upgrading to the G6 or ?rebel 350. My main question is this regarding the G6:

Will I notice a significant improvement in autofocus speed? (chief complaint)

Does the cap still pop off easily?

Is the viewfinder still partially obstructed?

Does the G6 feel much bulkier than the G3? looks bulkier with handgrip stuck out

I've always been a film SLR photographer but rarely use my ELAN 7 anymore due to its weight and I'm hooked on digital. I'm considering the rebel 350 but I'm not sure that it would be worth having to deal with the weight and bulkiness. I do have a 28-140 lense for my ELAN 7 and a 50mm for it also if I decide to go digital SLR.

I mostly do travel photography and candid pictures of kids. I mostly shoot auto or program. Any advice?

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