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I can see several readers to my argument but no comments...........
that I'll appreciate.

I can explain better about 230 and 330:

230: more pixel ( 3,2 ), 2x optical zoom, probably improved electronics controls, red eye problems ?, price about 370 USD.

330: less pixel ( 2 ), 3X optical zoom, less compact size but more
solid, price about 270 USD.

My ideal choice could be 230 if with 3x instead of 2x, but not possible. Also value for money it's important form me and really
100 USD difference is nice.

So, do you think to save money and have 3x zoom with 330 can
compensate advantage of 230 with 3.2 Megapixel ?
Consider a normal use on taking pictures, something more than
point and shoot, but not as professional as we wish to be but
in practical we have not time to be.

Many thanks for your comments !
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