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Default Anyone heard of Packard Bell's DSC-3? Info needed!

I bought my mother a discontinued Packard Bell DSC-3 1.3megapixel camera and a 64 megabyte Smart card. It's not bad - it's very compact, lightweight, has a flash, plays back via TV or USB to PC. No LCD panel, but they tend to eat batteries alive, and I keep the one on my Fuji switched off. Trouble is... the instruction "manual" is a single sheet of paper, and we have yet to take even ONE picture that was in focus. Has anyone experience of this camera? Is it (as I suspect!) really made by a third party and is re-badged as Packard Bell? If so, who made it? Maybe I can get hold of a different manual? Has anyone managed to take an in-focus picture with this camera?! Any help greatly appreciated. Packard Bell's website is about as useful as a chocolate coffee-pot.
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