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Default What I Did...


We all see things from our own perspective...

I gave my S330 to a friend who really enjoys taking photographs and computers -- especially in a communititive fashion. She will have a good time and will learn stuff too boot.

I kept the S230; it's smaller case and the 3 MP more than make up for the zoom -- in my opinion. The photos are what I expect from canon: the best from pocket cameras. I personally think they're better than everything but DSLRs, like my D100. I gave my S200 to my son, who continues to use it frequently. Some how, the older S200 camera still takes the best snapshots.

Most often, I use the manual mode to fine tune, as a result of a lot of experience with the S-series.

In the end, I have no advice but to get one of the Canon S-series.

Best, Larry ([email protected])
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