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HarjTT wrote:

Got to agree with esp on the manual white balance - sometimes it can be really useful. Also,they don't even get a fake Carl Ziess lens either! It looks darn ugly too with its styling it looks too much like Minolta Z3 - hair dryers if you ask me.

Yes... has that hair-dryer look to it, dunnit? And, whaddaya know? Dropped the designer lens "Zeiss" label heh, heh. At least the Minolta 8800 went for eight megapixels but that cam sucks imo.

Actually, this one reminds me of a lazer zapper ray gun on some low budget sci-fi flick, like "Doctor Who" (kidding... Hey, what happened to the new doctor? Looks like he bailed. 'fraid of gettng "type cast" or some-fin... like he didn't know that going in. Yeesh.)
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