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NHL, thanks for the link to your comparison chart. I'll review it in detail. I've done one myself for my shooting needs, with weighting to articulated LCD, zoom lens, clear EVF, battery life, and lens quality. My concerns about the 7i are the lack of an AF assist, the low battery life, and "shakes" with an 8X optical zoom (I won't be carrying a big tripod on my trip.)

Originally Posted by geof
Dano, where did you see that price for the 5700? i've only seen it as low as 1650 in canada; which is about 500 bucks more than the 5050.
Ill add my two sents worth:
1. the oly uses AAs, and its the BEST system to be with. I travelled europe with a mivica a while back, and even though their batteries are great, if you are stuck with no juice, you're stuck. AAs you can buy in a lot of places, getting you an otherwise lost opportunity.
2. the 5050 is THE ONLY ONE of the two that will fit in your pocket. REALLY. You must think if this may be important top you, but my personal experience has been that this is invaluable in places you dont want to show your equipment(believe me, you will be there), as well as be quie mobile in trekking with a digicam in your pocket, rather than your knapsack...
I was quoted that price at Downtown Camera on Queen Street. Maybe he was leaving something out. Re the batteries, I plan on taking an extra one, so AAs aren't necessarily a priority; however, long battery life is. Ergo, points to the Canon G3 and the Sony 717. Re fitting in my pocket, I agree that discretion is important in some parts of the world and weight is definitely a factor as I will be backpacking. However, I've found that a zoom lens is more important to me and the 5050 is only 105 mm, not enough for my purposes, and I don't want to carry a teleconverter.
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