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Hi Guys... I'm back..... still without a camera.

Thought I'd ask you Panasonic junkies as I've decided on a Pana but not which one. I'd decided on the Panasonic FZ-20. But then I saw the FZ-5....

From my understanding and the few reviews around, the FZ-5 has a smaller LCD, no hot-shoe & no manual focus when compared to the FZ-20. So why isthe FZ-5£100 / $160 cheaper than the FZ-20? (I don't need a hot-shoe, I use the EVF most, I haven't used manual focus since before my Minolta 7000).

What's the Low-Light focusing like? I've tried an FZ-20 in a shops dark corner and it was soooooosuperior to the Z3. Is the FZ-5 comparable? Is the zoom lense "really" THAT NOISY? The FZ-20 zoom noise was fine. But if I can save £100 the wife will let me buy it this side of the new millenium.


If you know please tell me in the most convincing terms as I'll use the answer to convince my wife.

Many thanks

Simon (aka YorkshireTaff)

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