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kpdesigns wrote:
Can someone tell me more about the oversharpening that some reviews talk about with the FZ5? Is this a significant problem? I would like to purchase this camera for my vacation trip, and I was holding off after hearing that? I plan on printing most photos the standard 4x6 size. Does anyone have some thoughts on the shrpening issue?

Thanks so much.
I don't think it is a significant problem at all. On the FZ3 (and I think also the FZ5) the "Natural" setting gives (as shown in the EXIF data) "Saturation - low", "Sharpness - soft"; while "Standard" (the factory default setting) gives "Saturation - normal", "Sharpness - normal"; and "Vivid" gives "Saturation - high, Sharpness - hard". In DPReview's comment on oversharpening, it goes on to say this is something that can't be fixed, whereas just by using the "natural" setting I think it can be. It certainly helps with the FZ3. None of the reviewers seem to test out the settings of the picture adjust function at all in their reviews. They simply use the default setting, which is "Standard", and that gives more sharpening than the "Natural" setting.
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