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dequardo wrote:
Big ole' WHATEVER...

Nooner wrote:
Looks like dequardo was trolling around and stopped by here instead of his usual Canon forum. Here is his opinion of th FZ "I would disagree about the FZ3 having 'best pic quality'. S1 IS has that rather handily.":?
I reiterate....WHATEVER.

Nooner wrote:
Nick, here's a FZ20 flash shot with color cast correction. Did it real fast.
Anyway, hey... that looks pretty good to my eye, Noons! Looks like it did a pretty fair job getting the red out. What do you think? (Nice pic/cute kid by the way...)

Treemonkey wrote:
Thanks for the great info Nick, I think you have managed to put Panasonic Bob out of business on this forum with the amount of help you give. Nooner, Got to love that Avatar. It is always good to see there are some sane people in this messed up world.
Oh, you're welcome. It's fun, passes the time. Hey...Tree, if things get bad here, would you sponsor me? Australia seems quite a nice spot on planet earth - beautiful landscape, beaches, and bikini babes. My kinda spot. Plus I adore the aussies who post here - good people, and I wouldn't have to learn a second language! Whatdaya say, M8T? I'll buy you a Foster's. :G (Oh, could you take Rupert Murdoch back, though?)

Moncho wrote:
Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks

All of you, Nick, Nooner, Fredd, Bob, Treemonkey, Willow, Danny, Tchuanye, Nancy, etc.

Thanks for beeng so human, so comprehensive and humble, here I have learned a lot of Photography, and best of all, I found here A LOT of good people that belive in TRUTH

I have been out for a while, my first sun is here now ...

With all my heart


(I`m looking for an FZ1, to start him... with IR filter to! Jaaa!)
What a cutie!

Speaking for myself - don't mention it. No biggie. We're all learnin' together. Good spot on the net, though. I think it's cause Panasonics are owned by reglar, down to earth types, not camera snobs (though there are a few exceptions...).

Have fun with the FZ-1. It's an addictive little cam...


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