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The advantage of RAWis that it is the unprocessed sensor data. No processing is applied in camera. This means that you decide what the final result looks like. You can adjust the exposure slightly andmodify the white balance. You can probablyprocess the file at 16 bits per channel, even though you'll probably reduce this to 8 bits eventually it's worth making the initial adjustments at 16 bits. The final adjustment that you gain control over is sharpening. You get to decide just how much sharpening is applied.

The other thing to consider is that JPG is a lossy format. When the file is compressed some data is lost. It may be insignificant but once lost it can't be recovered. I guess you know that TIF is a far better format to use for intermediate saves when you are editing a picture.

The downside of RAW is that it takes effort and time to produce the same result that you get instantly using JPG. I always use RAW because I shoot mostly underwater I can't always get things just right. Being able to make adjustmentsin post processing is a big benefitand I'm prepared to put in the time in order to get full control over the final result.

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