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I am getting more and more in touch with my FZ20.
I am not one of those who says that this is a perfect cam and fully loves it.
There are some annoying things as a bit of noise more than Canons, the slight WBcasts and some problems with high dynamic range scenes.

S2 IS will be better in certain features (as also S1 was): batteries, swivel LCD, Canon colors/WB, movie mode, 15sec, but they are worse in others, useless to say which ones, you FZ owners know them.
Each of these super zoom has better points and worse ones compared to others.

Also we cannot expect the image quality of good compacts like G6 or even cheaper ones: we are dealing with 36-432mm here !!!

If one can accept some deficiencies, with good PP skill you can do quite a dSLR-like job with this cam.

Early next week I'll post the 2 excursions from which the animals pics above are taken: great landscapes, you'll see. And tomorrow I m going birdwatching...

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