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muratti wrote:
after I transfer videos(MPEG-4) from Camera to my LapTop (windowsXP home edition),when I want to watch the videos through WindowsMediaPlayer(last version 10)or Pentax software then comes a problem like Videos are slowmotion Audio is normal!

When I connect Camera to TV and watch the Videos everythink is just fine as usual:?,also I can watch the videos directly from camera without any problem!! so please help me guys!what can I do?just wanna watch videos then wanna burn on CD or DVD!
Well, I've seen similar problems come up from time to time with other camera models. Usually, it's the speed of the media (or the speed of the interfaceto the media).

For example,trying to play the videos over the USB connection to the camera, instead of copying the files to your hard disk first (this ended up being the problem the last time I saw this issue).

It could also be related to something else about the speed of your equipment.

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