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Heeler77: Yes, The C8080 takes video with or without sound, limited only by the card capacity. The C8080 holds both the xD card, plus Compact Flash (or microdrives). As an owner of quite a few digicams, I can honestly say the C8080is my favorite camera to use.

Most of the people who knock it are those who don't actually own it, or haven't worked with it long enough to understand the huge range of features. It's a big, heavy camera that will inspire more confidence as you get more used to its capabilities. (Kind of like a Cadillac vs. a Malibu.) It's not for every situation,fora compact,lighter camera to stick in my pocket, I still carry asmall p&s.

Isn't it wonderful to be faced with a lot of good choices?? Just think back to a few years ago, and how much we had to pay for 2MP with few features. Today, it's just as important to research the seller to weed out the internet crooks. Lots of bad dealers, but few bad cameras.

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