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Browsing DPreview forum recently came across an interesting discusion on using or not UV or Skylight filters for lens protection. Just about every option possible came up and most with some merit ranging from they softened the photo, attracted more lens flare, some makes better than others etc etc and then of course the complete opposites. Then of course to the lens protection aspect as one put it, your just as likely to drop the camera, or bash the body or even worse the LCD screen and the lens protection aspect would have no bearing at all on saving your camera from damage and the lens shade would be equally as effective from a frontal impact, or simply keep the lens cap on which only takes a moment to remove for taking instant pictures. Personally I've always bought a lens protector with every camera that could take one but this discussion made me wonder. So whats the general view and even more so, what's Steve's view point - to protect permanantly, occasionaly or not really worth the bother.
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