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photosbyvito wrote:
again...i will say

if i shot someone, would that give you reason to shoot someone too? no it doesn't
everyone makes mistakes..
sorry if i've had the 'better than you' attitude..but that still doesn't give you the right to have one too
Vito didn't answer my question about your image..and your workflow..

I'm not and have not been is you all that are ganging up on me here...this is my thread and everyone is bashing me because I pushed Chris. If he and I are fine with it why should everyone else worry with it?

My workflow varies depending on what I'm doing. This image looks a little pixely(sp?) because I accidentally sized it down too small when preparing it for here and instead of going back to the original I increased the size of the downsized version.

I generally process my images for large prints and don't worry too much about smaller sizes unless it is going on my site which isn't the situation with this image.

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