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Welcome to the "club"! I was the lucky one to get the first order in to Unique on that black 99 (+shpg) camera!! That sure was an opportunity to be grabbed, and I did. There was an element of doubt wondering if it was indeed "too good to be true. Even risk if you have read some of the mailorder horror stories that have been posted!

NowI will wantto sell the silver 160 Ritz open box special (now FZ1v2) that I've been using forpart of the last year's 500 shots. I figure to ask for the mid point between the 2 as a price - 136 + shpg. - that will still be a bargain for someone. Of course, I'm not trying to sell it here on Steve's Forum, I'll do that via email. :-)

The "old" one didn't stay around long - it's already in the sold box! I'll recommend the new owner to post some shots here. I know she will enjoy it, there is already one inher family.
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