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OK, can I joint too?

I just received my FZ1 from Ritzauctions as well. I specifically picked it up for the IR capabilities and already havea Hoya R72 that I tried with my FZ3. The cam showed up with everything it was meant to have in the box and in great shape. Mine had certainly been used a bit in the store and even came with a couple pics still on the SD card. I wanted an external flash and "L" bracket for the FZ3 but I thought I should pick this up instead as they may not be around too much longer. I guess I'll have to save some more for the flash unit:sad:

After just two pictures to be sure it works I upgraded to FZ1v2 and slapped the IR filter on to snap some shots at lunch. There really wasn't anything worth shooting but I wanted to compare it to how the FZ3 worked with the IR filter. WOW! Big improvement which makes me very happy I picked this one up. Now I just need to read up on some of the tips posted here already for IR shots and get out to take some.

As an initialcomparison to the FZ3 the FZ1 feels better. It is a bit heavier and "seems" like a more substantial item. I really like the rotating lens hood as the FZ3 hood must be removed and repositioned which now seems like a PITA. The FZ1 however is slower focusing it seems, which isn't a real issue considering that I really only wanted it for IR shots where the focus time isn't that important I would think. Since I've only taken a quick handful of shots over lunch that's all the comparison I have right now.
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