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I am also wondering the same thing. But what I'm more curious is howa reputable company such as Canon can treat their customers the way I've been reading on the internet. Whena few customers explain that their LCDs werecracking without any abuse and Canon denies their claim;they are basically calling themliars.I can see why Canon would do this because people dooften make excuses for their own mistakes. But thisproblem is being reported on a large scale andyet Canondoesn'tseemto make any attempt to take on responsibility. Note: this is only going by what I've been reading.

LCD's will break but it's pretty clear that the LCDs from the sd300s are breaking more than other cameras. It also seems that the LCDs are breaking due to temperature fluctuations and not to physical impact.

I ordered the SD200 and I will take extra percaution and if it breaks and Canon will not fix it I won't let it slide that easily. I will use all my legal resources, not just to benefit me but for the possiblity of the people who paid for the repairs to get some compensation.
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