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lordv2500 wrote:
If you had the chance would you buy a different non dSLR camera? Is the lcd really so hard to see under sunlight as many say? Is the technology outdated in your opinion?
Yes ... it is true. I have a G6 and outside in the bright sun, and depending on where the light is coming from, there are times when it is completely impossible to see anything in the LCD. I don't think the technology is outdated, but I believe that there must be some kind of improvement, such as an option to hook up a shade attachment to the screen or something to block out the light.

I'm very happy with the quality that the G6 can produce ... but like many things, improvements can be made. Red-eye is an issue with this camera. BUT if we're serious about reducing red-eye, then Canon did a very smart thing to allow for an external flash to be attached, so this takes care of the red-eye.

Autofocus in the macro-mode and in the additional 'super-macro' mode could probably be improved. Sometimes I use the auto-focus to assist me with focusing on a small object..such as an insect..and the camera will not focus until after many experimental attempts. This is quite sad when you have a nice moment to capture, and the camera won't focus. I think my nikon 950 could do much better than that. But anyhow, the auto-focus on the G6 has still been helpful in many cases for my macro shots.

The manual focus on the G6 is a neat option, although the little focusing window that comes up has too low a resolution, so you can't be sure whether you've got the razor sharp focus you're looking for in the 'manual' mode.

Sometimes, when I try to get the camera into super macro mode, the camera just won't go into that mode. And then I have to do various other things to coax the camera to get into that mode. The button for accessing the macro mode works just fine. I believe it could be a software or control issue....something that was overlooked in the control routines for the G6.

But anyhow, I like what the G6 can do a lot. It has provided me with some absolutely incredible photos. I bought the G6 maybe around november of last year. If I still had to make a choice right now......I'd still go for the G6 as a non-dslr camera. As for that hard-to-see display in bright conditions, this is probably a problem with lots of other cameras with LCDs too.
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