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Kyocera M410R Impressions.

I have used the camera for a while and have settled on a few favoritesettings.

The LCD is off. Because the EVF has more pixels is clearer and I use the diopter.

(Not waiting for the review in the LCD makes next shots faster as well.)

The beeps are off.

The shutter sound is+ 3 so you can hear that.

I use spot focus and also spot metering.

You can see the result of spot metering in the EVFas you lock on to different areas in the frame.I can nail difficult exposures faster and get a more accurate result.

I use the EXT setting on aperture priority.

With exposure information in the viewfinder you can quickly moves the shutter speed up to stop movement or downto gain depth of field with the use of aa smaller aperture.

Forthe bestpics use 100 ASA and fine quality. ( much less noise).

These settings wont suite everyone but I have been quite pleased with the resultson- screen and only hope thatprints will be as good.

This latest picture is of a Bottle Brush scrub in my garden. 350mm macro 5.6

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