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I bought the Speedlight580EX on Tuesday for my 20D. I volunteered my services for a Church fundraiser today and in all fairness I had little time to test the flash. I set it for ETTL metering and I was going to use it the same way I use the built in flash. I assumed (anyone remember that Odd Couple episode???) that it would just be a more powerful version of the built in flash. It wasn't. And I have heard this b4 that you need to increase the flash exposure compensation (with the built in flash I use +2/3rds in mose cases). With the 580 I kept having to adjust the exposure depending on whether I was shooting close ups or longer distances (usually +1to +1 2/3). Now if it is TTL shouldn't it "automatically" compensate for my distance difference and fire the flash at a brighter/longer capacity. I checked my distance and I wasn't shooting more than 25 feet. I was shooting at ISO400 so it wasn't like the flash couldn't reach that far. It was really annoying. At this rate I could have set the flash manually got a perfect exposure and wouldn't have to deal with all of the frustration. But does anyone have the same problems with ETTL? And am I wrong in assuming that the flash should be able to calculate the distance and fire accordingly? I do understand that if I am shooting against a white background the flash will fire less (to get to middle grey) and vice versa-which consequently was the case. The walls were black, so, that would mean that the flash would over-expose, but it very rarely did.

Also, what is up with the auto white balance thru the flash. And I know, RTFM (I just was able to skim thru it- so far, will read on tonight), but it doesn't work very well, my color balance kept changing from pic to pic. You can shut that feature off and still do the full auto TTL, right? It looked terrible!

So my question to y'all is, for the people that have the 580EX, do you/did you have these problems when you first used it and how do you use it now. And, Who has the Metz flash, I hear it is better, I am thinking of learning how to use this and if it still isn't satisfactory, exchanging it for the Metz. All of your comments are greatly appreciated. Thank you! Nancy
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