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Thanks for the information and the links you posted, Morten.

I too like cameras that use AA batteries, despite the fact that this usually means a slightly bulkier, heavier camera than it's Lithium rivals. It's a trade-off I am quite willing to take ...... it proved useful last Thursday (just before the incident with my bike and SL300RT* theft). Both sets of rechargeable batteries I had for the M410R were showing low charge. so I popped into a local shop and got 4 Alkaline AA's, I continued touse these until myshooting was cut short by the thief. The swine got the 8 dead rechargeables too, I'd thrown them in the bike pannier!

I'm intrigued by the fact that the DK4010 and M410R are obviously clones but the Rollei has the lens described as a D-VarioApogon, while the Kyocera says it'snothing more grand than a Kyocera 10x zoom lens! I'd love to know the real source of this lens!

Cheers, KK
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