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Hi guys,
I am in dire need of help. I want to print on 21.6x30cm paper. I have already prepared the image in Photoshop with the same measurements. However when I tried using the borderless feature, it always reverts back to the A4 size and the image gets cut off. I tried searching through the net and discovered that you can only have borderless prints on certain sizes (please correct me if I am wrong). Fair enough. So I tried using a slightly larger paper so that I can cut off the empty sides. But the damm printer doesn't seem to recognize the size. I can't seem to get the print size that I want even after adding a custom page size (the image gets cut off, or always reverts back to A4 size). Has anyone encountered this before with an Epson printer?? I would be really grateful if someone could please help me out. I have been struggling the whole night and still can't seem to solve it.:? Btw the printer that I am using is the Epson Stylus Photo 900.Thank you and have a nice day.
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