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book_vender wrote:
My 8-year-old daughter summed it up for me, "Little fluffy duckies!" and "Awwww". I was amazed to notice that they have adult looking feet and beaks, but everything else is just fluff.

Norm - have you ever posted a more complete list of your favorite lenses and accessories? I've searched through many (woo boy, many!) of your posts looking for model and series names. I'm guessing it must be top-of-the-line to get these types of shots.

Happy days,
Thanks so much, Martha, I'm real happy to have gotten a bit of a reaction from your daughter. I love doing that sort of stuff and am pleased that you have shared it. I havecome to the conclusion that, with photography, you do get what you pay for, so I've had to purchase some expensive gear in order to get the shots that I wish to get.

My kit is as follows: Canon prime - 200/ f1.8L, 400/5.6L, 135/2L; zooms - 24-70L, 70-200L, Sigma 50-500; Kenko extension tube set;Canon 1.4x and 2x extenders; cameras - Rebel and Mark II. It's an expensive set but it's a great hobby and if I decide to quit I'll be able to get almost what I paid for everything but the camera bodies, so it isn't as terrible as it may appear :G

Believe it or not I use them all too. I use the two Canon zooms for wedding, event, and candid shots and the primes for various wildlife endeavors. I will eventually have a 500/4 IS Canon but that remains on my wish list until some money falls from the sky.

Say hi to your daughter and tell her that her comments were just duckie! Tell her that this one is just for her:

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