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you don't mention what your actual purpose is, or your budget, but you might also consider a Panasonic FZ5 - compact, 5MP, with marvelous optics, a 12x image stabilized zoom lens. it's capable of manual control, but is also quite happy when used in Program mode. i've seen side-by-side image comparisons, and the FZ series cameras take much sharper pictures than the Kodak.

if you'll be doing primarily 5x7's and an occasional 8x10, you don't even need 5MP... you can get by nicely with 3 or 4MP, as long as you don't need to crop or post process a lot (which you probably won't, if you're not a "photo freak"), in which case the FZ3 is also worth a look, and since it's "trailing edge" (it's been out for well over a year, while the FZ5 was just released), it will be a good deal cheaper. it's 3MP, but otherwise very much like the FZ5.

don't expect top-notch low-light results from any P-n-S style camera. the Panasonics are pretty good, with fast (f2.8) lenses, and can produce fine low-light images, especiallywhen you use a tripod, but some folks think they're a bit noisy at high ISO settings (>200).

just my 2 cents' worth...

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