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The Brooklyn Eastern Cotton tail has been an isolated population for at least a 100 years, perhaps quite a bit longer. They are much larger than any bunnies I've seen elsewhere, perhaps 6 or 7 pounds, larger than a good sized cat.

I've thought about this and wonder, that this size increase might be because their only natural enemies in Brooklyn are Birds of pray. Mind you, you don't see bunnies in the streets of Brooklyn:lol:

They live out in the isolated beach front parks, and undeveloped shore land. There are no feral dogs out there, and only a few cats.


An addendum:

These bunnies are way to big to be eaten by cats. I suspect they are evolving for larger size to escape the Hawks that DO pray on them. There's no other predator out there...

Since there no incentive to remain small, and every incentive to get larger, than indeed, that's just what's happening. A larger bunny would be more vulnerable to foxes and Coyotee's. But there are no such predators in Brooklyn

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