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I took a closer look at my recent trip photos after your post, and I can see that a lot of my landscape shots run a little too red. Distance and flat lighting make it worse. I didn't find noise to be a problem at all.

And yes, white balance can be a problem sometimes.

If I were less persnickety about color I wouldn't even notice. But I am enough of a perfectionist that I post process just about every shot worth keeping anyway, so it doesn't bother me too much. I can easily adjust the muddy landscapes for better color and a little more punch.

I will concede that the A200 is much better at people than landscapes, which is good, because people are harder to fix!

Everybody is different, but I find the great handling, general exposure accuracy, and terrific features far outweigh the little extra post processing needed in many situations.

The A200 works great for me, but it may not be the right camera for you.
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