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Excellent advice from 'The Hun'. I have used all 3 chargers he recommends, and agree with his advice. Even 'Steve' recently stated he has retired all chargers in favour of the Lacrosse BC-900.

Although it is bit expensive, it has so many features, displays, charging/discharing/testing/refreshing/modes that are unique.

But I was very satisfied with the Maha & Lightning Pack chargers, & still use them occasionally.

With AA cells for digicams, one uses them in 'Sets'. Either 2 or 4. I have many cells on hand, my camera uses 4. Any set is only as good as the weakest cell.

The LaCrosse sorts them out. Using that charger I find that some sets have 1 or 2 cells with much lower mah capacities than specified. And so I've been able to sort the sets with equal highest mah capacities.

Check out on the RipVan site Hun linked for the charger & the Sanyo Industrial 2500mah cells. Very highly recommended, as I can confirm.

For example, I have 8 of those cells. Using the test mode in the Lacrosse, the 2500 cells have the following mah capacities:

1.. 2710
2.. 2570
3.. 2770
4.. 2810
5.. 2790
6.. 2850
7.. 2650
8.. 2740

I hope thats helpful for you Brendak, and that you'll take Huns advice.

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