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Perhaps I've become jaded by so many years of reading forums and USENET but it appeared to me in reading between the lines of John Boy's first post, thathad he never actually used either camera but instead, based on things he'd read, decided to stir up some sh*t on the most active of Steve's forums. That,IMO,labelshim a troll (one who practices trolling, i.e.,To deliberately post derogatory or inflammatory comments to a community forum, chat room, newsgroup, and/or a blog in order to bait other users into responding. -- Webopedia.)

By the way, labeling someone a troll is not inhibiting their freedom of speech, it is exercising mine.

Treemonkey wrote: [/b]
In case you dont know how this forum works my post was made before John Boy made his last post. I cant predict the future I can only comment on what was written at the time and from that there was nothing to indicate he was a troll. I also would be surprised if you are honestly a Kiwi and believe my comment was misguided.

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