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jimtfoto wrote:
Cool shot ... what camera/lens are you using? I have a friend who owns a kayak/canoe company and he's forever trying to get me into one, saying it'll be great for photos. I'm a bit leery of taking camera equipment into a canoe or kayak .... any tips or tricks??


Thank you jim!

I used a Panasonic FZ20 with a UV and polarizer filter. Its lens is a Leica 36 -432 mm (35mm format) zoom with Image Stabilization. Im still learning but i try to use the fastest acceptibleshutter speed for the current conditions and i shoot in burst mode so hopefully i get 1reasonably sharpshot out of a burst of 3 or 4. I am still quite leary myself about taking pictures from my kayak, im sure plenty people think im nuts, but weres their sense of adventure? heh. Im quite impressed with the IS and love being able to get some decent photos from kayak. I made a custom case out of a 2 gallon gatorade blaze orange tupperware jug. I just stuffed some styrofoam in it to fit around my lens adapter.The lid screws on and its watertite andwill float with the camera inside. Thats great but it doesnt help me when im actually taking a picture, I try to stay in the shallows when i shoot. It also helps to pray to Mother Nature and the gods of equilibrium and balance!It is alot of fun but also a bit scary. I will probably get a waterproof casing someday but they sure are spendy. I would also like to find a nature preserve were i could paddle around and shoot waterfowl and other wildlife, maybe wear some camo and camoflage my kayak somehow in hopes of getting close.

Thanks again jim,

Best regards,

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