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Will be visiting Nepal for the first time in July (really excited!). Am told its monsoon season though. Anyway, am gearing up for this exciting trip and would appreciate your help on the following specific topics.

1. Lenses ( on a Nikon D100 ) - got a 24-120VR ; which other lens is best for the area ? should i need a wider one or a longer one? both? Sigma vs Nikon? We wont be doing serious trekking just basic panoramic / mountain views.

2. Memory storage - will be out for 10 days only but dont intend to bring along a computer. whats the best option ? iPod + photo (60 gig) cost around $ 500 locally. is this good value for the purpose?

3. Camera bag ( d100+battery pack)- Lowepro Toploader or Micro Trekker Backpack? whats your experience ?

4. other gear i should bring along?

Here's hoping to get great help ( as usual!) from all of you.

Many thanks!

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