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robbo wrote:
For a "not much at all a photographer" you have a very nice camera.
Well... what I mean by that is that I'm far from professional, but I do have a strong interest in photography, yet have no formal or even informal training to further support it. I am probably going to skip on putting any money into a less functional P&S as I've been there and done that and don't care to go back. The reason I think I might want to go with a DSLR is because I will eventually want to take advantage of all the capabilities, and take more "serious amateur" type shots in the future. Plus, I think portraits will turn out much better with one as well. Guess I'll start saving up my pennies so I can get both a DSLR and the necessary lenses and accessories. Right now I have the Nikon n75 with a lens that might work if I get the D70, but something turned me off from getting that one over the new Rebel XT. I honestly don't mind lugging around a large camera, since I'm pretty used to carrying the n75 everywhere, but having something much more compact with all the fancy features I want out of a camerawould be refreshing... not a necessity though.
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