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Ok I going to breakdown and finally get a digital slr more than likely a rebel xt or maybe a orginal rebal 300d but ethier way I think the stock canon kit lens would be a photo quality drag on what otherwise are two great cameras. I used a for years a great old canon A1 slr with a great vititar f2.8 28-90 zoom lens taking 98% of my pictures with this combo with very decent results. The A-1, 28-90zoom and a trusty vititar 5200 w/canon mod on it made a excellent vacation slr travel kit. Im trying to dupilcate that vacation travel kit experance in the DSLR world ,yes I know both those lens are dslr only , what Im look for is a good photo quality and flexablity? so which is the better lens the tamron also has too much zoom but has a nicer price , and the canon although more costly has the nice image stablition feature with for better low light results? Ok please post away, If you got constuctive comments on these lens or other lens options that would fit nice in my travel kit please post those sugguestion too. Thanx Bob S.
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