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eric s wrote:
How will you be traveling? Foot? Jeep-like-thing? Bus? This effects your weight & your hand-hold ability.

What will you shoot? Only scenic? No wild animals? What about people? This will effect your lens choice (and the spontonatity (spelled wrong?) of your shots.

Will you have access to power? How often? you will have to recharge everything (flash, if you bring it, camera & storage batteries.) Most image-storage systems (imagetank and similar) only get about 5G worth of transfer before they run out of power. I don't know about the ipod. Figure out how many pictures that is for you, and then guess if that is enough or if you need more batteries (or have access to power.)

If you're going to shoot landscapes, that lens might be enough, but I doubt it. You really need something really wide, like 17mm or so at a minimum. Now, if you're going to stitch images together that gives you more flexability (bit its not easy, so practice it and you need the time to take all those shots. Will others be badgering you to leave?)

If you are going to do people, that less will probably be good. Wild animals will require more reach (obviously.)

I would bring at least 1 extra battery. The D100's battery life is good, but I'd hate to be wrong.

I love Lowepro backs. But bags are a personal thing. The question should be what can carry all your gear and your supplies for how every long it needs to. That means food, water, medical, cloths, whatever. And your camera gear. This is effected by how you're traveling.

More info is needed, then we can try to help more!


Man, I am originally from Nepal! It always makes me happy when I hear that somebody is going to Nepal!
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