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Ok... I know you aren't suppose to post more than one picture per thread but I can't think of any other way to ask this question other than to show you the series. So please forgive me if I'm breaking a rule.

I was walking around the arboretum and this web caught my eye. Now I know that shooting in direct sunlight has it's issues but I'm really interested in learning how to work with the sun instead of waiting for the light to be just right. Strangely enough I found this interesting.

Ok... here's the web...

The direct sunlight and the shadows behind illuminatedevery individual string of the web and I though hey... this direct sunlight things works well for certain situations. But then I noticed the leaf. It's a hot spot right?

K... so I try another angle and get this one.

Backed up some and the light hits the web just right, leaf problem fixed but now you have the background competing for attention. Well... hmmm

So I tried again and got this one...

It's what I considered in the middle of the two. Am I looking at hot spots wrong or are my assumptions correct? Is the middle image the best and just needs to be cropped differently? Is there something I'm not considering or perhaps don't know about post processing that might help these pics out. I don't think they are bad but I can see flaws and I'd love to fix them. If there is a way.

I think the last is the best. I love the colors in the picture but I'm still trying to learn how to compose properly. The first one is good, I think,if it wasn't for the bright leaf.

I asked Ted about all this but he wasn't real sure what to do either.
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