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Nice photo Greg!

Further research had shown me that both of the lens I listed were probably inadequate for my needs and that I was goingto have to stretch my budget a little farther. (Who needs to eat!)

Idecided to move the Sigma 80-400 OS to first place on my consideration list. has this lens for $949.95 and Amazon lists it for $899.99 (but they do not have any), which moves it more into my financial comfort zone.

The old #1 on my list was the 50-500 but I decided to be realistic, I'm just not sure that I have the skill to hold the camera still enough to get clear shots at 500mm. I almost always use a monopod (as there just isn't enough room at some events for a tripod) but even using it I forsaw problems. So I decieded to giveup a little distance for theOS. (I did consider the Canon 100-400L IS but $1400 was just to far to stretch.)

Does anyoneknow anyonethat uses the 80-400 on a Rebel XT? I read somewhere that this lens does not work on the XT, which I find hard to believe.

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