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Ok... these were the things I noticed.

1.) the web itself, the curve and it's basket like quality. I don't know that I have ever seen a web like that before.

2.) the complexity of the background was interesting to me. The pine needles hanging here and there created lines that looked just as intricate as the lines of the spider web. A kind of ordered chaos so to speak.

3.) The light.The way the light hit the bottom of the web was incredible. It was almost as if the sun itself was pointing the web out. The area was canopied so it stood out in an amazing way.

4.) When you stepped back and looked the sky was visible through the trees in bits and pieces creating blots of primary colors. Red... Blue... Yellow and then the Green. I was just taken by the fact that there were more colors in that one spot than I would have initially noticed.

What I was after was incorporating all of these elements in a way that they complimented each other without any one of them being so heavy that it distracted from another. Yet again, the idea of ordered chaos comes to mind. It's the best I can explain my intentions. I think I did a pretty good job pulling it off actually. I think I could have done better if I would have spent some more time with it but I guess that comes with practice. You know, knowing when to try for one more shot or knowing when you have what you were looking for. I think I'm progressing though.

I appreciate all of the comments with explanation behind them since I'mjust learning some of the concepts.

Thanks guys.

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