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There was a reply on newsgroups that said the question is not film vs. digital, but rather, SLR vs. non-SLR for maximum photography experience. I think I tend to agree with that--it seems SLR gives the user (assuming he/she is a serious hobbyist or a professional) the right tools and flexibility to achieve optimal shooting under a variety of conditions, better than any non-SLR can. Of course, the key difference between digital and film SLR is the cost, and with folks on fixed budget (like me), there's no question at this point--$400-500 for a beginner's SLR complete with lens and dedicated flash, or $2500+ for a digital SLR plus the lens and flash.

I have my C-4000, and I'm plenty happy with what it can do; but I think I will also explore the world of film SLR photography and see what I can do with it as well.
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