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Actually your shutter speed was your flash duration, maybe 1/6000th of a second :-).

When the flash is the main or only light, it's duration becomes your shutter speed. The cameras shutter only needs to be open long enough for sync to occur, in DSLR generally about 1/250 or slower..

I suspect you need more DOF to get sharper results, which would mean a smaller aperture. To do this you would either need a more powerful flash or a higher ISO.

I think it is a very good capture given the P&S camera used.


simonbratt99 wrote:
thanks. i take the points on board about the f stops and the iso, i must say i thought the iso was on 200 but i guess it changed in Auto mode??

i will keep trying as im still enjoying it and i will try increasing the

Shutter speed was 1/64th,

what shutter speed can you get away with when using a flash at night?

comments appreciated thanks
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