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Sorry. Pardon the expression, wide-format. Canon's wording in their literature says large-format for their i9900 and large-format for the commericial series printers (image Prograf W6400 and W8400). Their BCI-6 series inks have a higher light density in them than any other commercially available dye ink, which gives off such a vibrance of color. In a technical document I just read, pigment based inks have more of a tendancy to clog up print nozzles and so this is possible why Canon has stayed away from pigment inks in the consumer line. This makes sense since I read so many complaints from Epson users about the heads clogging and rendering the printer unusable. Using the Canon BCI-6 ink, which do not have a computer chip on them, like HP and Epson, yeilds to move, over 200 4"x6" prints before one cartridge runs out, and starting with a complete set, had yeilded approximately 21 borderless, 6MP, 13"x19" inch prints before one cartridge ran out. Also, in cleaning, purging or aligning the print head, Canon provides more control now over this as you can select which colors you want to clean. Canon's print head (being one inch long), is unlike Epsons Piezo Electric technology is that it's print head is made from a semi conductor process similiar to how Intel stampls out processor chips. This one piece wafer, can now create droplets down to consistent 1 pico litre droplets, and at 1/4800th of a pitch, can do so at 4800x2400 dpi, which is far higher with the smallest droplet of ink layed down than any other printer vendor in the world. As well, no one can match Canon's speed by having over 6144 print nozzles in the head. The borderless 13"x19" print finishes dry in about 3.5 minutes. For the people that demand pigment ink, the commercial Canon machines offer a pigment set of ink, both based on the same type of print head with the same technology built in.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"In choosing weather or not to purchase a six color machine or 8 color, one needs to decide based on what camera they have. It's no secret that agian, Canon has the best digital SLR camera's made in the world. Each year at the PMA in Germany, and arond the world their digital and film cameras come out on top. If someone is just starting out, I would get a i960 or 6000d, if they need text and want decent photo's, I would get a ip4 or 5000. If they have a pro-sumer highend camera or have 5MP or above and are real serious, they should get the ip8500 unless they would like to print wide format. Whoops, I mean large-format. -End

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"BTW, the BCI-24 and 21 series ink has the same formula as BCI-3 and would render the quality the same quality. Not bad for low end machines. The BCI-16 in the ip90 portable has now the same ink formula as the BCI-6.
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