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To answer a few questions in one:

I ordered mine from and paid £261 sterling.

I have the Silver one because a/ They didn't have Black yet, but b/ I actually decided I prefer it to the black for the following reasons:
- It won't scratch
- It won't pick up fingerprints
- Using the 3D view on, I actually thought it looked slightly more compact in pure-silver. I don't go for that 'sandwich' look with the black one, and all the other bits are silver (zoom lens, front grip, flash) which just didn't look so nice to me.

All subjective of course, but you might agree (check it out with the 3D view of the camera on Kodaks website though because after spinning it round a few times, you'll get a much better idea for yourself, and be fairly dizzy of course).

This camera is awesome though. Buy it you must!

Oh, and get a Neck Lanyard for it, as it is so tiny, the wrist Lanyard will probably annoy you long term, or you'll knock the camera into something while swinging it about

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