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Thanks for the reply.

It's really tough to say from the pictures, but I actually kind of like the sandwich look of the black. Like you said, it's really a subjective thing, but for me, I wasn't sure how the blue and pure silver would look together. I think the black version looks pretty sharp (at least from the pictures I've seen on

What I'm more worried about is how the black appears in real-life. I think it's easy to make something look good in a picture, but when you see it in real-life things can change pretty quickly. What I'm most worried about is the finish of the black camera. If it's just a cheap spray-paint, then I'd rather go with silver, but if the camera has a nice black finish, then it could be another story. Basically, does the black look cheap? And how likely is it that it would chip or peel or fade away after time.

Anyone that has seen or owns the camera, please chime in. Also, any real-life pics of the black camera would be great.

Thanks again,

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