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I ordered the Kodak V550 from Best Buy and returned it. I really wanted to like this camera as it is a very nice looking pocketable digicam. I just felt after putting it through some paces both in studio and outside that the results weren't that pleasing to me. The other thing that really drove me crazy was not having any indication in record mode or playback mode what shutter speed or aperture the camera selected! The images seemed a little soft overall. The macro seemed pretty nice. WARNING!! Do Not ever buy a digital camera from BEST BUY!! They will charge you a 15% restocking fee! I was never told about this when I made the purchase and when I made the return, they tried to charge me $54.00! I went round and round with the manager and they finally called Corporate customer service and ended up giving me a FULL refund ( after a lot of frustration)! I have several digicams including Olympus C8080WZ, Panasonic FZ10, Panasonic FZ1 and a couple of small Pentax models. I am lacking a small pocketable cam and had decided on the CasioZ750 until I saw the V550. I satisfied my curiosity by checking out the V550 and now I know for sure that the Casio Z750 is my pocket camera of choice!
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