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Default Minolta viewer utility - upgrade ripoff


I bought a 7i in December 02. I got a new iMac with OSX and found that the viewer utility that came with the camera was the classic (OS 9). I contacted Minolta and asked them if they can provide me with version 2.0 of OSX so that I can upgrade to version 2.1. I already have the classic, but would prefer to run native. The camera came with version 2 of the classic only. No OSX support.

All I got from them was a suggestion to go to their online store and buy a $50 dollar upgrade. Is this how Minolta is going to support its products ? I like the camera, but this upgrade gouging is ridiculous.

Anyone complain about this to Minolta. I wanted to speak with a support manager and was told someone would call me. Still waiting and very upset.
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