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Hi all, my first post here, and I've read [done a search] all the topics concerning SD200 and the LCD problem.

Would you say it's recent enough to merit not buying this camera, or should I go for it? I don't want to call up Canon about this problem ifit's still recurring, as I'm planning to give this as a gift - so I don't want to hassle them.

Thank you for all the input you'll hopefully give, and if you say "no" to "should I buy an SD200", could you recommend me one out of the following? I'm looking for giving it to a highschool student, so it should be compact, and not a 10x optical zoom.


Canon SD20, Canon SD200, Canon S60, Canon A510 / 520.

Thanks a ton!

Edit: I realize that there is a "what camera should I buy" forum, but currently, I've chosen the preferred camera - just want feedback on if the LCD problem is still occuring. If mods decide this should be moved there, please do so, and sorry.
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