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I picked up an F10, and headed out to Iowa's Adventureland amusment park tonight at dusk (after 8:30pm). I took a series of pics, and they turned out quite well.* Resolution was set to 640x480 since I only had the included 16MB xD card. I was stunned at how well it did, since my Casio EX-Z4, Nokia 5400 and Sony DSC-W1 all produced blurry photos in the same situation. The auto mode cranked up to ISO 800 for most all of these, I think.** I have a ton of things I already hate about this camera (well, basically the stupid dongle thing required to charge, etc.) but I'll get a USB xD reader and external charger and never have to touch it. More later... (Sorry about my posts running together; this WowBB doesn't seem to like the Safair web browser.)
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