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I've always been fascinated by the use of artifical lighting. not just the pop up flash but the way lights and strobes are set up at a studion for a photoshoot. Unfortunately for me i've never had the opportunity to witness or work using these lights.. and with a model (i prefer people and portraiture). So the other day here is what i did.

I first thought of a tag line for my favourite perfume.

Then keeping the tag line in mindshot the picture using a simple torch with a red gel.. placed it at angle.. used another torch to backlitthebottlea bit.. and took the shot of the bottle with my FZ 20 placed on a tripod.

Then i took the pic to PS and did a bit of post processing.

Let me know if this picture appeals to you in anyway. If there are any tips that one would like to give pls do cause im hungry to learn.



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