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gellis1 wrote:
I plan on using a 62mm UV filter on the first section of the Phayee and then a 72mm Hama hood on the second section.I already have a 72mm B+W polarizer and a lens cap.Will they go on the second section with the Hama hood on? Will the polarizer be to far from the lens and will I be in the same boat as the original setup as the panasonic?If this setup works will the quality of pics be compromised by having to filters on and spaced as I described?
The general opinion is that the filter should be near the lens. In this case, the use of a 62mm filter on the Phayee is technically correct.

Having the filter as close as possible to the lens lessens the chance to lens flare and keeps the color brighter form the effects of random ambient glare.

I did by a 72mm filter when I first bought my FZ20 but now use the 72 on my TCON 17 Tele.

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