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overkill wrote:
WOW! I'm glad I didnt buy from them now. I ended up buying local. I noticed that with most of the 'good deals' on the internet, the camera didnt come with anything.
I use our Shopping Guide to find good deals when money is "tight". ;-)

There are lots ofhonest internet vendors out there. But, there are also lots of scam artrists. I've got nothing against Brooklyn, but if you check the "About" pages on web sites, most of the scam artists are located there (and the same businesses often operate under more than one name, with more than one web site).

So, make sure to thoroughly investigate any vendor you consider (with extra caution if they are in Brooklyn). For some reason, they seem to be able to get away with these types of tactics there.

When using our Shopping Guide, I'd suggest sticking to a "Trusted Store" with lots of good reviews.

Then, if you're not familar with thevendor, make sure to double check customer reviews at

Everything was extra, even the battery, charger, etc....
That's only a small part of the scams you see. Every trick in the book is used by some unscrupulous vendors -- grey market cameras not intended for the U.S. Market (that the manufacturer will refuse to service), unauthorized shipping and insurance charges, super high restocking fees when you try to return items that they shipped (which may be defective), etc.

You can't be too careful. ;-)

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