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I love these shots. My only complaint is the copyright message through the middle of each one. It is really distracting and looks terrible. The idea here is to show great looking photographs.

If you feel the need to physically attach a copyright to your photos, there are ways to do it without destroying the esthetic qualities of the photo. Electronic watermarks are one solution. They are completely hidden and cannot be removed by anyone who does not have the key. Most current photoediting software including PS and PSP9 can detect and read the watermark. The same software can also add an electronic watermark if you are registered with the company that generates the code.

Second, put your copyright message near the edge of your photos and make it much smaller.

Third, place an object or mark that you would recognize but nobody else would even notice somewhere in the picture where it is not easy to see. Don't tell anyone what the mark is. Thomas Kinkade, the famous American "Painter of Light" puts the letter "N" in his paintings SIXTEEN times. The sixteen occurances take many forms. They may be in a street sign, a store sign, the shape of an object, etc. That is in addition to signing the painting.

There are probably a number of other methods but you get the idea. I want to see your photographs, not a warning message declaring ownership rights.

Think about it.

Cal Rasmussen

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